Bromo Tour Package, Best Way How to Enjoy Bromo

Bromo Tour Package, Best Way How to Enjoy Bromo . Are you an office worker who wants to take a break from tiresome routines? You surely want to take a holiday, but may still confuse with a fun holiday alternative. Don’t worry as there is answer for your confusion. You should go to Malang because it has many tourist sites choices and one of them is Bromo tour package. Bromo has offered some places to visit, such as Penanjakan 1, Penanjakan 2, Madakaripura Waterfall, and Whispered Sand. Best tour operator is

Bromo Tour Package, Best Way How to Enjoy Bromo

Bromo Tour Package, Best Way How to Enjoy Bromo ?

Penanjakan 1 is the highest place on Bromo National Park Area. You can see beautiful sunrise there. Well, 3 a.m before sunrise is the best time to go to this place. This sunrise spot view is located on the west of Tengger Mountain. In Bromo tour package, you can use jeep vehicle to reach Penanjakan 1 since the roads are sharp and steep enough. Same as the Penanjakan 1, Penanjakan 2 offers a sunrise spot view as well. Although the location is lower, you will see the scenery as beautiful as 1st Penanjakan. You don’t need to worry to reach this location as you can use either two or four wheel vehicle, but not jeep.

Besides mountain, you can see the amazing waterfall that’s called Madakaripura Waterfall. The waterfall which is located in Mount Bromo area has 200 meter height. Even if the entry ticket is very cheap, you will see an incredible view here. Last but not least, this special place is located in Bromo sand area which has the sound of wind whispering when the wind blows. Yes, it is whispered sand! Even though there is wind whispering, you will find coolness that can give peacefulness in your mind. So, are you curious with the beauty of Mount Bromo? Just pack your clothes and go now! Enjoy your holiday ultimately with Bromo tour package.

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