Tips Mount Rinjani Trekking For More Exciting

Holiday season is the most awaited time by many people because besides being able to gather with the people closest to the holiday season is also the best time to vacation to a place like to the top of Rinjani is famous as one of the exotic mounts owned by Indonesia. In the climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani there are some tips and important things you need to consider for the climb more exciting and memorable. Here are some tips on mount rinjani trekking

Climb Mount Rinjani at the best times

The first tip is that you and other travelers should climb at the best times. For those of you who intend to climb this mountain should do it in the dry season or between June to August. Meanwhile, to get the best view at the top of Rinjani you should be ready to climb the peak in the early morning so you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise at the top of Rinjani.

Climb Mount Rinjani in groups

The climb to the top of Rinjani is considered to be an exhausting journey so exhausting that everyone needs help and moral support from others to reach the top of Rinjani.

Prepare enough holiday time

Then other tips on the way to the top of Rinjani is providing enough holiday time because to be able to explore the entire area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park including Segara Anak lake is not enough to do one or two days.

Camping above the height of Rinjani

To be able to enjoy all the beauty and every atmosphere you have to set up a tent at the height of Rinjani as in Plewangan Sembalun or in the lake Segara Anak because in this place the natural scenery is very beautiful either in the morning or at night. So both places are highly recommended to set up tents.

Go down through a different path

The next tip is to climb and descend through two different paths because then you can feel more terrain and different sensations. In addition you can learn many paths that will be useful when you go back climb Mount Rinjani on the next opportunity.

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